Why Opusweb?

We have the secret code.

Do-it-yourself template-based websites don’t always pan out as they should. This is why we still custom program, or code, our clients’ websites. The result? A custom website that functions the way you intended, allowing you to manage areas of content without the hassles of those do-it-yourself platforms. All at a fair price.

Did you know...

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The partnership was formed in 1996 on the premise of focusing exclusively on web development. We have remained true to that premise since.


In 24 years, we've seen and done a lot! Experience counts and we pride ourselves on passing along that experience as expertise to our clients.


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As a new client, the project included the development of a mobile/responsive website that integrates with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for property listings. The custom design and development was a complete overhaul from the client's previous online presence.

ONLINE Engineering

One of only two companies in their industry worldwide, ONLINE Engineering approached Opusweb for a custom website after previously being with WordPress. While they wanted a website that functioned better, they also wanted acceess to a reliable website developer.

Lake Fanny Hooe Resort

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Canal View--Houghton County

As a 197-bed skilled nursing facility, Canal View--Houghton County not only wanted to showcase their organization, but also wanted the ability to update certain areas of heir site through a content management system. Being mobile-friendly was also a requirement.


Farmers & Merchants

As a client of 11 years, Farmers & Merchants Mutual Fire Insurance Company wanted to explore completely overhauling their online presence. Revising content throughout and having a website that was mobile-friendly were their key priorities.



Having the same website for nearly 12 years, Keweenaw County wanted to streamline their online presence and introduce an entirely different design. Opusweb provided a photo-rich main page and a custom content management system for predefined areas of the site.


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The Bluffs

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